Blueberries (I know..Super random)

Blueberries are native to North America and have been around for about 13,000 years. They are very good for your health, also known as the “Super Fruit.” Meaning they are all around best for you, they have low sodium, high in vitamin C, and manganese. They also have 80 calories per serving, which is a… Continue reading Blueberries (I know..Super random)


Bye Bye Europe, Hello America! (Part 12)

Well its the last morning, its 4:45 AM and we are trying to get everyone up and out the door. Yeah as usual getting 45 people onto a bus by 5 won't happen and its crazy, everyone is everywhere. We eventually get everyone got on the bus and wanted to sleep, so the bus was… Continue reading Bye Bye Europe, Hello America! (Part 12)