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Bruce Jenner Interview

Many people know Bruce Jenner as either the great Olympian or from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show. Bruce has struggled with a secret since he was young and he finally told the world at the end of April. There was 17 million people who tuned in to watch Diane sawyer’s interview with him. The Interview lasted 2 hours and it was very informative not just with his secret but what he has had to deal with. images

He let the world know on April 24th 2015 that he was transgender, and that he has been struggling with it since he was a little boy. In the interview he talked about how when he was a young boy and no one was home he would go try on his mothers dresses and put them back in the right spot so he wouldn’t get caught. He said he hid this from people because he was unsure and thought it may be a phase. To realize later that it was not a phase.

He even struggled with it while he was in the olympics, the reason he trained so hard and worked so hard was because he was trying to prove to himself he was a man and that he didn’t like wearing women’s clothes. After he won he went back to normal and then he really didn’t have anything to prove.

He married his first wife Chrystie Jenner and he had kids with her, then Linda Thompson, more kids with her and finally Kris Jenner, he had two girls with her. He has a total of 6 kids all together, not including his step Kardashian kids. He said telling them all was very difficult for him and them, the one who took it the worst was Khloe because she has had so much loss in her life. It was like losing a dad again. images-2

He had told his wives his first wife thought it was a phase and dealt with it, his second wife couldn’t handle it, and Kris tried dealing with it. He had worn dresses of Kris’ every so often and she knew and would say that he could take it off in more joking matters. He actually had Kim Kardashian-West find him in a dress at one point, she wasn’t sure how to react and thought she couldn’t bring it up to him, yet she still knew all these years and kept it a secret.

He is now still being referred to as “Him” and has kept his new name hush until he’s ready to become “Her”. He says its his last thing he wants the tabloids to get ahold of because of everything they’ve been saying anyways and all the jokes on the comedy shows. Those don’t hurt him too much but the one time that got to him was when he went to go get his adams apple shaved down and paparazzi was at the hospital waiting. He felt like he had no privacy anymore and knew sooner or later it was all going to come out, even on the show, it was getting to him that he had to hide everything and it was sick of it.images-1

I think that him telling the world his struggle and not only just having an interview but making it educational about transgenders was a great thing. I have to say I thought it was something that was psychological but on the interview they said that it isn’t that it isn’t something you can get therapy for and fix it, its more than that. I think everyone should know that, I think they should be open minded, especially in today society. Nearly every two days a person is killed for gender nonconformity, and that is terrible. I’m proud of Bruce, he’s letting the world know his secret and is finally going to be open about it, hoping it will inspire people and help the others who are struggling in the same way.

He said this interview needed to happen and that he was blessed to have a supportive family, now this Sunday and Monday there is new Keeping up with the Kardashian shows that is about their reactions to his interview and how they feel.


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