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Grandma’s famous birthday cake!

Like most Grandmas, my grandma has a famous cake she makes us for our birthdays and has since we were babies! It is very sweet but we just can’t get enough of it! I kinda cheated and didn’t go full grandma on this recipe because I was at our home in Florida and didn’t have all my baking supplies there!

The ingredients are ver simple, like to the point of laughing! You will need (Florida version), Angel food cake out of the box, a pint of heavy whipping cream, and your favorite jello flavor packet. My mom chose the jello because she wanted it to be more Thanksgiving but whatever I would’ve chose something much better!

I made this cake for my younger brothers 18th birthday, trying to keep some tradition alive here! He was excited! We had the whole house decorated when he woke up and the cake was ready to go, maybe we spoiled him but that’s fine!

So we baked the angel food cake by the directions on the box, and then for the extremely hard part, the frosting. For the frosting you whip your heavy cream (the whole pint) till it has soft peaks, and there is no remains of the watery cream. After you’ve reached that, you add in your jello packet (yes just the plain colored sugar) and whip that till its blended through! Frost the cake and put it in the fridge till you’re ready to go!

I used a kitchen-aid mixer with just the generic beater that comes with it, not the whisk or anything fancy! Also this cake is pretty sweet so be ready with some coffee or if you have a sweet tooth this is the one for you!


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