Christmas baking 

We all know that Christmas Baking is a serious thing! Well at least in my family that is. It’s tradition that my grandma and I bake about a week before the Holiday and she takes it very serious. Usually it takes place at her house, but this year we tried it at my house. My friend also joined us because we were behind and an extra hand always helps! 

This year we made quite a variety of different cookies and it took us ALL day. I think it’d be easiest that if you would like the recipe of any just to comment your email and I’d love to send it to you! If I put them all on here you would be reading till after the Holidays are over! 

Here are some pictures of what we made: 

Peppermint cookies:  Molasses:

Peanut butter blossoms: 

And almond sugar cookies: (the best sugar cookies EVER!!) 

We also made oreo truffles, I just forgot to take a picture! Wishing you all and your families a very blessed Holidays and a joyous new year! 


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