Mint Macarons

If you follow me closely or saw my last post about macarons, you know it didn’t go so well. Well this time it went better but they aren’t the best. I chose mint macarons because we just got done with Christmas and are currently having a blizzard where I am from, so we really are still in the Holiday spirit! This recipe is one I found on Pinterest because I’m obsessed! (You can follow me at Marissa Hemmesch)

To start off the macarons, it was just like last time. You sift your almond flour and powdered sugar (this recipe made me do it twice), then make sure your egg whites are room temperature. When the egg whites are ready to go you put them in a mixer with the whisk attachment and beat till you have stiff silky peaks, I always know when it’s done because I take my bowl and hold it upside down and your egg whites should not slide. When you start beating your egg whites they will get foamy, that’s when you want to add your cream of tartar to them. After that turn them up and add you sugar slowly. Once my peaks were ready I added my gel food coloring, mint extract, and vanilla extract and beat it on medium for about 2 minutes. (I should have taken a picture…SORRY!)

After the egg whites are all ready to go you can sift in your almond flour and powdered sugar to them. (You are done with the mixer for the cookies at this point) I sifted about half the mix in then started to fold it into the egg whites, once folded through I sifted in the rest. Your mix will look grainy but keep mixing till when you let it slide off the spatula it looks like lava. (A nice ribbon flow) Once you have folded the mixture to the right consistency you can start piping your macarons! At this time I would pre-heat my oven to 300 degrees farenheit.

I pipe my macarons around about an inch and maybe and inch apart from one another. Last time I used that silicon mat, this time I used cookie sheets with a Sil-Mat. Once you have piped out all your macarons you need to bang the cookie sheet on the counter or table to get the air bubbles out! THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! I usually count 5 on each turn of the cookie sheet just to be extra sure. Now you wait, I waited about 15/20 minutes till I put my first batch in the oven.


My first batch was the smaller one just to make sure the temperature was right and that the oven was baking it evenly (unlike last time). They even started looking like a better outcome than the last try. img_3316

Mine baked for about 20 minutes which seemed to be about perfect for taking them off the tray. A little trick to getting them to release is pouring cold water underneath the mat. I accidentally ruined one cookie because water got above the mat and got it all mushy. (Nothing goes perfectly)

While I waited for my batches to be done I started making the mint ganache. It’s heavy cream, white chocolate chips, and mint extract. (You need your mixer again) To make this you must get your chocolate chips into a bowl, then start your heavy cream on the stove to get it to come to a simmer (DO NOT BOIL). After the heavy cream is simmering you pour it over the chocolate chips and let it sit for 2 minutes. Once ready start mixing them till they become smooth (I had to do a 10 second microwave help) once smooth put the mixture into the bowl of your mixer, and have the whisk attachment. Beat the mixture on medium for about a minute, then add your mint extract. Beat for about 4 for minutes on medium until the ganache becomes thicker. When ready, put into a piping bag and pipe when the macarons are completely cooled.

When I pipe, I like to cover a good portion on the center of the cookie so when I push them together you can see it. I also had quite the helper today! Maggie the assistant baker. Also I would say this time went very well however, I must not have mixed my eggs and flour mixture together very well because my cookies were kind of grainy and not smooth and flat.. These cookies taste so good! I would definitely recommend this recipe! Enjoy your holidays! XOXO


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